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The debut of the Q products began in 1950 with the production of the Q20

It was chosen as one of the best innovative products in South Africa because of its efficiency

Used in many applications on the technical & professional levels, household usage, marine, industrial and mechanical fields

Present in more than 60 countries around the world

Due to its excellence, the company was acquired in 2018 by CRC global company



Q20 Multi-Purpose Lubricant

Lubricant with a high penetration ability to water and moisture, it isolates – protects - displaces moisture – lubricates - cleans


Removes the worst rust in minutes in factories, workshop, garage, home, marine equipment, on the farm for any rusty tools, implements and fittings

Q22 Dry Electrical Contact Cleaner

Ideal for maintenance of electrical circuits, boards of electronic devices in a safe and dry way with its ability to evaporate quickly without leaving any traces

Q30 Super Protective Film

It’s a superior protective film for sealing and protecting circuit boards and electrical connections

Q8 Silicone Spray

Moisturizes leather, rubber and plastic parts, Isolates electrical components, Prevents rust and corrosion

Q4 Dry Brake Cleaner

Q4 brake Cleaner contains a special blend of degreasing solvents for cleaning brake and clutch system parts without the need for dismantling

Q90 Advanced Hand Wipes

The cleaning wipe is an ultra-modern process, for fast and easy hand cleaning, in whatever place without water, without rinsing, without drying, without residue