About us

About us


To play an integral role in making innovative quality care products for automotives available across markets in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States of America, and to create global awareness on the benefits of these products.

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To be globally recognized as the link between the producers of innovative quality care products for automotives and between business partners who help make these products available for customers across the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States of America.

O2Pro services

About Our Services

O2ProFormance is a visionary provider and producer of innovative auto care products that professionally enhance the efficiency and appearance of automotives. Established in 2004 out of true passion for optimum automotive performance, O2ProFormance delivers inventive and effective quality auto care products that bring out the best in every vehicle they are used in.

Every auto care product provided by O2ProFormance undergoes thorough assessment phases that ensure their alliance with the company’s vision and corporate values. With ultimate focus on quality and innovation, these products ensure the longevity of vehicle life-spans and promise their superlative appearance as well.

With avid existence in the Middle East and ambitious expansion plans across Europe , Africa and the United States of America, O2ProFormance is quickly becoming a recognized name that is synonymous with integrity and diversity in auto care. We ensure that innovative and efficient products are made available in global markets, and we actively work on creating consumer awareness on their benefits and advantages.

O2ProFormance Management team

CEO of Saudi Arabia & Middle East Regions

Eng. Ahmed Al Hussainy


Mr. Faisal Al Angari

CEO of Egypt & Africa Regions

Mr. Ahmed Hassan

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