About O2ProFormance

17 Years of Success
Since 2004

O2ProFormance – established since 2004 in Saudi Arabia – is an exclusive agent in the Middle East and North Africa for innovative international products for vehicles care of all kinds (cars – buses – motorcycles – marine boats – etc.) and multi-use products.
The company was keen to be unique and unconventional, as it strives to provide innovative and competitive products. Each product is subjected to comprehensive evaluation stages that ensure its harmony with the company’s vision and values, with the primary focus on quality and innovation.

O2ProFormance is committed in the process of selecting its products with strict procedures during which the products are subject to various types of experiments and scientific and laboratory tests designed to ensure the efficiency of these products and their uniqueness from their counterparts.

O2ProFormance has thus become one of the leading companies in the field of car care products.

In 2007 O2ProFormance was established in Egypt with the aim of launching and expanding into the North African market.

In 2013, O2ProFormance expanded to offer more specialized products for multiple fields and sectors such as the industrial, marine, military and domestic sectors.

O2ProFormance has the agency of 8 brands and caters to over 3,000,000 customers.

Our Mission

To play a major role in providing high quality innovative products for vehicle care (cars – motorcycles – buses – trucks), the industrial sector, marine and household products across the Middle East, Africa, European, and United States markets, and create awareness for the global consumer of the benefits of these products.

Our Vision

To become a global leader in providing innovative products to all global markets.

O2ProFormance support to its customers does not stop at providing high-quality products, but goes beyond that to providing professional technical support through a team of experts and specialists.

O2ProFormance Board Of Members