participating at the 20th International MacTech Exhibition

Looking forward to meet you at the 20th International MacTech Exhibition from 10 to 13 December 2020, the largest industrial event in Africa and the Middle East under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade and Industry at the Cairo International Conference Center in Nasr City

Our customers and followers we are waiting to present the distinguished EZI and Q products from O2proformance in hall 4 Booth 4A9.

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Harmful deposits inside the engine .. Here is the reason and solution!

With extreme heat, ordinary oil loses its ability to clean engine, which 
makes it necessary to clean engine using a trustworthy cleaning product to 
get rid of the accumlated acid corrosion and harmful sediments and to 
clean rings and valves to make them operate smoothly and with higher 
performance without damaging any part of the engine, so we recommend using 
Ezi Engine Flush Every 30,000 km 
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Is changing engine oil regularly enough to protect the engine?

Despite the constant change of oil and filter over the time recommended by 
the manufacturer, the car engine becomes old and its performance gets weak 
due to the corrosion that results from continuous friction in spite of the 
use of the best types of engine oils, so we recommend using one of 
O2PROFORMANCE products (EZI engine treament product) which has gone under 
Laboratory experiments that have indicated it reduces friction to more 
than 71% and increases engine life by 38%, as it increases engine 
horsepower by 4.8% and reduces gasoline consumption by 3.7%.
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5 Important Tips Before Buying a Used Car

How do you buy a used car?

We all know that the best performance of the vehicle’s core components (engine, traction and suspension systems) is from 0 km to 100,000 km.

It is the age at which you get the softest and best performance of the car, which is related to the quality of use and the maintenance of the protective periodic maintenance recommended by the product of the car. As well as the experience and skill in driving for the car user.

But all of us may resort to buying a used car due to several considerations and circumstances which is completely normal and possible, but:

How do you pick a used car?

1. Determine the specification of the vehicle suitable for the nature of your use (taking into account its size, height from the ground, number of passengers, required luxuries, storage box capacity, traction or propulsion technology and whether it is a double or quad or a combination between the two, etc.).

2. Determining the type, model and model of the car (according to the sales value of this type or model in your geographical environment, the spread of spare parts and availability and service centers, the economic feasibility of the price against the machines, the budget allocated for the purchase of the used car, etc.)

3. Research on the average fair price of the type or types nominated (through the question of specialists, or through online marketing outlets, the current prices of the chosen type according to your geographical location in the markets selling used cars, etc.)

4. Search for the offer of the type on which the nomination is based (start with your personal knowledge circle, or through electronic outlets, car markets, some agents have a service (Trade In) which is often well examined and contains a detailed certified report on the technical situation, etc.)

5. Always select the best (technical condition and appropriate price) through thorough personal inspection and examination by specialists or accredited technical centers.

· Check the exterior and avoid cars with a bad history of accidents and serious collisions whatever their shape after repair. (You need this to be a specialized technical opinion.

· See the interior and clean it and be in good condition (it is the place where you will spend most of the time when using the car) (see yourself).

· Do the engine pressure measurement (engine press) and check the traction machines and suspension systems and check the electronic devices (for modern cars) do not give up this.

· The lower the meter reading, the better (check it out well).

· Check the means of security and safety well and make sure that all the car accessories are in it and try for yourself all the luxuries.

· Try the car on the road.

O2PROFROMANCE wishes you a good choice and a safe and happy Driving.

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O2PROFORMANCE participated in equip AUTO ALGERIA 2020, which was held from 2-5 March 2020 as part of the company’s keenness to open new markets and reach customers in Algeria where it is an active and promising driver. O2PROFORMANCE booth has seen a large presence of visitors as well as customers who have been waiting for this participation to learn more and see the live and dazzling presentations of innovative O2PROFORMANCE products.

The exhibition has proved to be a great chance that will bring good news to our customers in Algeria, O2PROFORMANCE expansion swell in the Arab markets will soon be announced.

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