#SÀTINO is an effective shampoo with excellent cleaning
properties, ideal for matt or wrapped paints, which assures
long-standing and effective body protection against UV rays for at
least 2 weeks. Matt surfaces require, in fact, Specific formulation
that significantly protects and clean the body without altering the
stain finish. A self-drying products, #SÀTINO makes the
subsequent drying phase much easier and is totally safe on the
waxes applied. With a highly lubricating action, #SÀTINO does
not affect body silkiness wholly respecting the matt finish. Thanks
to easy rinse-ability, it prevents the formation of stripes and halos
in the drying stage. Its sequestrant components, used to remove
from the water the calcium and magnesium particles that interfere
on the yield of the product, leaving the surfactants free to operate
at their best, make #SÀTINO indispensable also on normal paints
with hard waterfor normal maintenance wash. #SÀTINO has
been thoroughly researched, developed and tested in Mafra
laboratories in cooperation with the most prestigious sports car
makers worldwide for the launch of new models.