Yellow and discoloured headlights are not only unattractive but also impair visibility and compromise safety, especially when driving at night. Mafra has a solution to these problems: a lens renewal kit designed especially for the cleaning and maintenance of headlights at garages, service stations, body shops and detailing centres. This business is promising and in expansion, being in high demand among users. Headlights faded by the effect of pollution can be made as good as new again by eliminating the oily deposits that form on the plastic over time. The best approach is to use abrasive sanding discs of various grades and abrasive qualities, depending on the degree of fading and opaqueness of the headlight.

The kit contains:

• 1 Polish for headlights – 80 g

• 1 Sealant for headlights – 125 ml

• 1 Polishing support

• 7 Sandpaper in 3 extra fine abrasiveness levels