#OMNÌA™ is the new generation, fragrance free car interior cleaner,
that concentrates technology and innovation in a single product.
It is ideal for ordinary and extraordinary cleaning of fabric, leather,
plastics, moquettes, gaskets and rubber, and it can be used, without
contraindications on all surfaces, even on stressed by wrong previous
treatments and most delicate ones.
#OMNÌA™ is capable of assuring a perfect finishing on plastics that can
be compared to a post dressing treatment. This is one of the
characteristics that makes #OMNÌA™ a product dedicated to the most
demanding professionals among the detailing world.
Thanks to its special formula, with new generation surfactants, the
product performs at the best with low alkaline products, forming a free
foam, easy to treat and to rinse. If you use a brush for cleaning leather or
plastics, you will obtain a deep cleansing reducing at the minimum the
usage of melamine sponge. The final result is exceptional!
With the maintenance dilution 1:10 you have an innovative quick interior
detailer that cleans in a perfect and fast way, giving a bright colour to the
treated parts of the car and a silky effect to the touch, exalting the natural
opacity of plastic parts. The difference is visible to the naked eye.
Another particular characteristic of #OMNÌA™ is the absence of
fragrance: in this way the detailer has the chance of working in a neutral
way, without altering the fragrance of the car itself. This innovative
characteristic allows the operator to use such product, if needed, with
“Fantasie di Elisir®”, the scented essences of Mafra. Thanks to their
compatibility you can use #OMNÌA™ with the client’s favourite
fragrance! Moreover, #OMNÌATM formula has no VOCs and, thanks
to this characteristic, can be used with Rotorjet (dilution from 1:7 to 1:10)
even in small places without creating problem or dryness to air ways of
the operator.