The limescale particles that are deposited on the bodywork,
resulting from less than perfect drying, summer storms or acid rain,
drastically reduce the beading effect: #PURÌFICA solves the
problemat its source, effectively yet gently dissolving and
sequestering the calcium deposited on the body or residues of
contamination from acid rain, thereby restoring the coating’s
freshly-applied appearance. This maintenance nano-shampoo with
acid pH, true novelty in the world of detailing, features a mix of
noble buffered acids. Extremely innovative, it removes the thin
film left by limescale residues, which deposits on the bodywork,
enhancing and revitalising the characteristics of previously applied
nano-coating and sealant. It's buffered noble acids, specifically
developed, also allow #PURÌFICA to respect wax or protection
layers. #PURÌFICA has been thoroughly researched, developed
and tested in Mafra laboratories in cooperation with the most
prestigious sports car makers worldwide for the launch of new