Product suitable for cars that are particularly dirty or to be
reconditioned. #DÙCTILE is a versatile and extremely
concentrated detergent with strong cleaning action. It can be
effectively used on all types of surface, both for interior and exterior
parts of the car.
The product has been certified by Alcantara® for the removal of
stubborn stains like those of drinks or organic residue that are hard
to remove, without discolouring the fabric. Its innovative cationic
surfactants leave the fabric soft and pleasant to the touch, which is
unusual for an APC.
For a deep and delicate cleaning of plastic parts, we recommend to
use a brush for creating an easy to work on foam and a new car-like
finishing. Thanks to its “Odor Block” technology, it neutralizes
unwanted and bad odors in the interior of your car, such as the smell
of cigarettes, leaving a long-lasting clean and fresh scent.
Thanks to its balanced foam, it is also ideal for use with vacuum or
steam cleaners. Due to the versatility of its formula, it can also be
safely and effectively used on all kind of fabrics, even the most
delicate ones, in order to eliminate stubborn stains like those of oil
and grease.
For exterior cleaning of the car we suggest the following
DILUTIONS: engine, alloy wheels and wheel arches 1:3, door sill
and prewashing 1:30-1:20 (depending on the dirt). For the interior
cleaning we suggest the following DILUTIONS: fabric and
moquette 1:10, plastics 1:20. Its formula does not leave any residue
and is easy to rinse.