#CUPÌDO combines the brightness and depth of carnauba wax to
the protection of a nano-sealant, assuring unparalleled results with
extreme ease of application.
The #CUPÌDO sealant nano-wax, based on a valuable mix of
siloxanes and silicon dioxide, in fact, assures excellent beading and
sheeting effects, offering -thanks to its high adherence to metal
surfaces also in the presence of other sealants- protection lasting at
least 4 months. Easy to use and featuring a magnificent silk effect,
#CUPÌDO may be applied on top of other nano treatments,
enhancing their features and may also be used as a sealant at the
end of the polish cycle or as wax for coating maintenance.
#CUPÌDO, without any solvents or polymers, gives very high
shine and depth, enhancing the brightness and finish of all polished
surfaces such as body and glass parts. Unlike competing products,
#CUPÌDO does not contain any petroleum distillates or alcohol,
hence it may be applied to single-layer paints, adhering quickly and
tenaciously to the surface. It is indispensable for classic cars.
#CUPÌDO has been thoroughly researched, developed and tested
in Mafra laboratories in cooperation with the most prestigious
sports car makers worldwide for the launch of new models.