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Contest Overview

An open filming contest to create advertising/ commercial videos featuring one of the following O2proformance products:

1. EZI Extra Power Lube (Engine Processor)

2. Q20 (Super Multi-Purpose Lubricant)

The contestant will post the video on social media using the hashtag of the competition. The best videos will be selected to win

iPhone 11 Pro in addition to five other winners, each winning a distinctive range of O2proformance products.

The contest is open to individuals and specialized companies, and focuses mainly on introducing an introductory video or an advertising scene that is directly related to the marketing of one of the mentioned products, whether talking about the experience with the product and promoting it, or highlight its features in interesting and attractive way, while abide to following conditions:

• The video should speak directly about at least one of the selected products.

• The video should include at least three features about the product mentioned in the briefing videos of the selected product.

• The video should not include or include any reference to competing products, either positively or negatively.

• The duration of the clip should not be less than 45 seconds and not more than two minutes.

• The video should not include inappropriate words, scenes or any ideas of a political or religious nature

How to apply for the contest?

• Applying to the contest by filling the competition form. (click here to apply) In case of any misleading or inaccurate information, the participant may be disqualified without notice.

• Video should be uploaded to YouTube, the video link is placed in the competition form, in addition to sending an email to ([email protected]) to confirm the participation with the video link after posting it on the participant's accounts on social media using the hashtag dedicated to the contest (# innovate_and_win_with_O2proformance). It is strongly recommended to copy the hashtag and paste to your post.

Contest Judging Criteria

Videos will be judged by a jury of professional film makers, and marketing experts. The evaluation of the committee will focus on several key elements that will be the basis of the evaluation process:

• Compliance with the mentioned criteria and conditions and technical standards.

• The general idea of ​​the video and the creative aspect and the way of delivering the message about the product

• Videography and lighting.

• Sound effects and their relevance to the idea and products type.

Contest Awards

First Prize: Jury Prize: iPhone 11 Pro

Second prize: The nominated videos will be published on O2proformance official page of for public voting, the (5) winning videos in this category: will win a unique collection of O2proformance products for each winner

Terms and Conditions

• Contestant is entitled to participate with only one video for one of the two products specified, or to participate with one video for each of them.

• Contestant must be the owner of all video-related ownership rights. Any videos in which the contestant is not a producer or owner of all video-related ownership rights will not be accepted.

• Videos must be produced in 2019, earlier produced videos will not be accepted.

• The contestant is not entitled in any way to withdraw the video from the contest after it has been submitted to participate in the contest.

• The organizer is not responsible for any technical errors, natural conditions or unintentional errors that cause delayed submission of videos beyond the deadline.

• O2proformance assumes no liability for any financial loss or any kind of loss that may result from participation in the Contest.

• If a video is submitted to more than one participant during the competition, proof of ownership of the film must be submitted

• The Jury has the right to contact the participants to submit raw files for their participation.

• The participant retains the ownership rights of the submitted video, taking into account the following:

First: Participating Videos: O2proformance has the right to use the submitted film (whether or not to win the competition) in any medium, through websites or other special materials, or to promote in any way.

Secondly: Winning Videos: O2proformance has the right to use the winning clips in various local or international media for marketing or dissemination through its partners or other entities to publish or display videos films in exhibitions, promotional activities and other means, whether websites or social media any possible channels. And internationally without any legal or material aspect.

• O2proformance has the right to reject any video submitted, which does not comply with the specifications, objectives, topics, conditions or comments on the video, without giving any reasons.

• Members of employees of O2proformance, their relatives, the jury, or their employees are not allowed not participate in the competition.

• The jury and O2proformance have the right to withhold the prize of any of the winners if the submitted works do not meet the required specifications or if the winning work violates the conditions of the competition whether it is verified before the nomination process, during the judging or after the announcement of the winners.

Participant undertakes:

• That he/ she alone is the exclusive legal owner of all rights to the video, and all other rights, and to have obtained all the approvals relating to the characters shown in the film or the locations and places filmed in the “film”; It includes the approval of personalities, site owners, performers, creative contributors and any party who participated or carried out this film by settling every issue. The contestant is fully responsible for the above and O2proformance has no

legal responsibility of any kind towards the participants in the film and its production or to any third party.

• The participant acknowledges by accepting these terms and submits to the competition that he/ she accepts those selected by the organizers to perform the judging and evaluation tasks.

• The participant, the contestant or the participating party undertakes that he has seen all the information and conditions contained in the competition, and his full and comprehensive agreement to them. , And fully agree with the results of the competition and has no rights to object by any means.

• Videos found not complying with the above criteria and conditions will be ignored.

Videos To abide by the religious, ethical and legal rules and traditions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Last date to submit videos November 2nd 2019


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