O2ProFormance is a blend between three words:
-    O2 is short for “automotive”
-    Pro is short for “professional”
-    Formance is short for “performance”
We chose this name because it exactly describes what we offer; Professional Automotive Performance.

O2ProFormance is a visionary provider and producer of innovative auto care products that professionally enhance the efficiency and appearance of automotives. Read more about us here

O2ProFormance provides innovative auto care products for vehicle engines, car care, multipurpose products and other automotive products for enhanced performance and longevity.

EZI is a Super Lubricant that acts as an anti-friction and anti-wear product. EZI Super Lubricants are heat-activated metal treatments with petrochemical concentrates that are designed to blend with motor oil, gear oil, ATF, and other lubricants and greases. This process provides substantially reduced friction values that reach 71%, thus maintaining and elongating the performance of any vehicle. Read more about EZI here.

O2ProFormance provides a wide variety of innovative car care products that ensure the professional performance and longevity of vehicles. 

REV MILANO is the world’s first invisible car fragrance that merges between novelty, elegance and safety.


Q PRODUCTS are inventive multi-purpose solutions to friction, moisture, rust and protection problems of almost any kind. Renowned for lubrication, rust prevention, protection of industrial and household goods, and moisture displacement, these products act as supportive agents to any business or household.


EXQ products offer a wide range of polishing liquids, compounds and innovative products for car detailing that exceed the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

FUEL DOCTOR is a groundbreaking device that makes a vehicle’s power system perform more efficiently after it had been on the road for a couple of years by allowing the vehicle’s computer system to receive more accurate information, which in turn leads to improvements in power and fuel usage and efficiency.


O2PROFORMANCE TIRE GEL leaves car tires shining and clean for days, as it repels dust and does not allow it to cling onto the tire. It is also waterproof, guaranteeing that it will remain functional on the tire for the longest possible time.


MA-FRA is one of the world’s leading brand names in car care products, producing a complete range of innovations for vehicle cleaning, maintenance and detailing. The available product range services metals, plastic, fibre, glass, leather, synthetics, tires and any other material that could be found in a car’s interior or exterior.


PLASTI DIP offers hundreds of specialty flexible, rubberized and protective foam coatings and adhesives that make many everyday things used by consumers better and longer lasting.


SPRAY & GO provides an ultimate solution to protect a vehicle against the damages caused by sand, which is known to be one of the most damaging things to vehicle interiors and exteriors.

O2ProFormance products are available through our numerous partners across Egypt and the Arab World. For the nearest distributor to you, please check our Partners page or Contact us.