O2ProFormance is a visionary provider and producer of innovative auto care products that professionally enhance the efficiency and appearance of automotives. Established in 2004 out of true passion for optimum automotive performance, O2ProFormance delivers inventive and effective quality auto care products that bring out the best in every vehicle they are used in
Our products fall under 3 main categories: Engine, Car Care and Multipurpose


The engine is the heart and soul of any vehicle, big or small, domestic or industrial, personal or work-related.

Car Care

O2ProFormance provides a wide array of car care products that help vehicles perform better and live longer.


O2ProFormance products can all be described as innovative solutions to the regular wear and tear that vehicles go through.


Enhancing the performance of a vehicle is not restricted to taking care of the engine and car’s different parts.

News & Events

EZI Engine Treatment sponsors 4th ALMAJDOUIE motors service advisor skill contest
EZI sponsored 4th ALMAJDOUIE motors service advisor skill contest that was held on 8th, 15th & 25th May in Saudi Arabia

Care Tip

Don’t fill your car with petrol if the gasoline tanker is filling up the tanks at the gas the station. Come back another day or go to a different station because the turbulence caused in the underground tanks as they are being filled can stir up sediment that can clog your car’s fuel filters and fuel injectors, causing unnecessary damage.